This kitty doesn’t want to play with the big bad wolf. 

Maddie hates werewolves. Has since the day Axel left and broke her heart. But a dark shadow looms over her ranch, one that threatens everything she holds dear. To protect her sisters, she’d do just about anything. Even if that means trusting the wolf who tore out her heart.

This wolf only has eyes for her. 

Axel has made many mistakes in his life, but the worst was abandoning his mate—the only woman he’s ever loved. When the body of one of his pack-mates turns up on Maddie’s ranch, Axel realizes she’s in far more danger than ever. She needs him, even if she refuses to admit it. He walked away once, but now he’s been given a second chance. And this time, he won’t screw it up.

"Cute story! Great characters! Not the same ole wolf story!"

— Amazon Reviewer

"One thing after another happens in this book. Very few of them are expected. Don't plan on putting this down after you start because you just have to see what happens next."

— Amazon Reviewer

"Definitely recommend reading this book. Especially if you are looking for a book with not a lot of sex scenes. Everything was written very well and I can't wait for the next one."

— Amazon Reviewer

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