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Kendra Daye once had everything she desired: a pack she cherished, a mate she adored, and a child on the way. Her fairy tale dream come true. But when a new up-and-coming alpha challenges her husband—and wins—her perfect world shatters. One year later, Kendra is still haunted by the memory of her dead husband and their life together. So when her sister suggests a vacation, she agrees. A shifter cruise sounds like the perfect escape from her grief … until she meets Leo, a sexy lion-shifter who makes her heart beat again. But Kendra can’t outrun her past—no matter how desperate she is to find a new future.

Leo “don’t-call-me-Leopold-cuz- I’ll-punch-you-in-the-face” Clapak is determined to enjoy his last vacation before taking over the pride. A week of booze, women, and sun sounds like the perfect way to ring in his new life of paperwork, responsibility, and—oh, right—fending off unwanted marriage proposals. But when he meets Kendra, his priorities shift. Someone needs to remind this sassy werewolf that life is worth living, and he’s the right man for the job. Too bad his father already promised him to another woman, because Kendra makes him want to learn to howl.