The fae call me Reaper, my people call me Traitor… Now, they’ll both call me Rebel. 

Welcome to the city of Osvea, the shining Capitol of Sector Fourteen. Here, the fae live in luxury and the witches in destitution. Thanks to Keira. It’s always been her assigned job to reap magic from her own people and funnel their stolen power back to the fae. 

Without human magic to sustain them, the fae will waste away, and her people will be free. A dream come true. Until she meets Oren Brooke, brother of the newly appointed Lord Dask. Oren claims he can fix the city and give Keira a world where fae and human are treated alike. Except Keira doesn’t know what to believe. The fae will never see her people as anything more than a power source. Especially with Oren’s tyrannical brother leading the way. 

To save her people, Keira needs Oren’s help. But soon her dreams start to shift, and he takes on a starring role. She never expected to love a fae… Question is, can she have him and save her people?

"This book was so enthralling to read. A self-contained story that keeps your interest from start to finish. Lots of action and adventure throughout the book. Well written and very entertaining to read."

— Amazon Reviewer

"This was a great story - lots of drama, intrigue, twists, turns, and underpinning it a love story that was against the odds. It was well written and I could feel all of their emotions, hopes and dreams.

— Amazon Reviewer

"I loved these characters Keira is well fleshed out with subtle nuances. Yet she and Oren and the others evolve and grow within the book."

— Amazon Reviewer

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