Angel has spent years on the run from one possessive alpha, and she has no intention of ever submitting to another—not even Hunter, the man who stars in her most erotic fantasies. But when her former master tracks her down, she has no choice but to turn to the one wolf who can protect her.


Hunter thought ten years apart would diminish the craving he has for Angel. But when he discovers the rogue wolf in his territory, he must face the fact that time has only fanned the flames of his passion for her. To claim her as his mate, he's going to have to fight for her—and give her a reason to stop running.

"This novella is an awesome debut from new author Gwen Knight!"

— Amazon Reviewer

"A very enjoyable read. Starts off at a run and keeps going to a fast delightful conclusion."

— Amazon Reviewer

"I read the last words of Her Alpha Protector with my heart beating hard in my chest. The passion, the danger and excitement of Knight's story, kept me both on the edge of my seat."

— Amazon Reviewer

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