Freshly divorced from New Orleans’ hottest socialite, Cason Jones needs some time away. And a week of bumming around in the sun sounds like the perfect way to recover from his ruined relationship. But Cason is dismayed to find himself surrounded by desperate women who only care about landing the newest Bachelor Alpha of Crescent City.

All except one.

Lennox Williams is sick to death of men and their bullsh*t. After being left at the altar, her best friend thinks a vacation is the way to go. Unfortunately, no one warned her it’s a singles cruise for shifters. What the hell is she supposed to do with a shifter?

After a hot night of drunken debauchery, Lennox is determined to keep Cason—a man with the most lickable set of abs she’s ever seen—at arm’s length. Too bad Cason wants more. He wants furrever.

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