Death By Mistletoe.jpg


Survival Rule #16: Never kiss beneath cursed mistletoe…unbridled passion will get you every time.


Most assume my life is awesome. Why wouldn’t they? As the alpha’s daughter, I’m the fourth-highest ranking wolf beneath him, my mother, and my father’s beta. What they don’t know is that my father and I hate each other. Like full-on teeth-snapping-at-each-other’s-throats hate each other.


Usually, we make it work. Or did—until the bodies started piling up. Now, I’m in charge of the investigation. And here I thought Christmas was supposed to be goodwill and celebrations, not mutilated corpses.


Luckily, I have help. One Evan Knox, officially known as my own personal nightmare. Or daydream. Depends how I spin it. My father hates him, which appeals to me. A lot. Don’t judge.


Problem is: How the hell are we supposed to stop these murders when Knox himself breaks rule #16 and drags me along for the ride?


I suppose there are worse ways to die.