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Can she reignite the fire in his soul?

Keaton Lafay's life is in ashes. Not only has he lost his wife, but his daughter is about to be expelled from school. Worse, his clanmates say he needs a new mate and signed him up for a single shifters cruise. But he never expected to find his daughter's very sexy—and very human—guidance counselor aboard the same ship. One glance, and Wren Michaels sets his dragon aflame. Problem is, Keaton doesn't want a new mate. Love hurts way too much to go through all that again. 

As a counselor to a school full of preteen shifters, Wren Michaels is convinced she's seen it all. But when Jinx Lafay loses control and turns into a fire-breathing dragon, she soon realizes she doesn't know anything. Including how easy it is to fall for Jinx's growly father, a man so broken he's erected an icy wall around his heart. But there's something between them—a heat she hopes can melt his defenses. This is forever…she just needs to make him see that as well.